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When You Don’t Want to Layer

HTV is easy to layer, lightly tack your first layer to the item, then add your next one and iron your design together as one.

But what about when you don’t want multiple layers? What if you want one layer with multiple colors?

Here’s the answer, and it’s so much easier than you would have thought! (This tutorial shows Cricut Design Space. If you use a different system please check the help menu in that program for further direction)

Once you have your design ready to go, you want to remove the parts where you would have a layer.

In Cricut design space "Slice" will split two overlapping shapes. ie. You have a rectangle and place a heart on top, select all and slice will cut the heart out of the rectangle.

I like to make my shapes different colors to better differentiate. This is a great option not only for layering but any design you'd like to create an opening in.

To attach I lightly tack each piece to my fabric then adhere the full design through the normal process. In the following images you can see how I used this process to complete my design.

I love this method because it puts everything in one neat layer and I don’t have to worry about over melting or difficulties if my HTV gets roughed up and needs some TLC.


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