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HTV on Wood vs Paint

If you are like me, someone always forgets to replace the toilet paper roll. My husband started leaving a new roll on the toilet tank. Super helpful, but not pretty. I got the idea for a “toilet box” on Pinterest and my husband set to work making some.

They are nice enough boxes, but what about a cute phrase on it? Of course! Typically I’d grab my paint, maybe cut a stencil with my Cricut, and call it a day. But, I love heat transfer vinyl on wood, so I did both.

The painted box looks nice. You can see streaks in the paint and know it’s painted.

For the next box, I cut my HTV and placed it on the box. I used my iron and applied as much pressure as I could.

Applying HTV to wood is amazing but it takes some work. It’s a game of guess and check. I used a higher heat and kept moving and checking (we want to avoid over-melting the HTV). Once I was satisfied with what I saw, I carefully removed my carrier sheet and did a final pass.

The HTV looks clean and crisp and is definitely the look I prefer.

And my toilet paper looks very classy sitting on my toilet bowl now!


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