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Personalizing a Grad Cap

We’ve all seen the personalized caps at graduation, but did you know you can get amazing results with Ovation Craft’s HTV?

We set out to create this cap for our exchange student’s graduation. She was a hockey player so we knew that had to be incorporated into the design. We spent some time on our design and then it was time to cut. We used regular and sparkle HTV.

The button in the middle of the cap was going to be right in the middle of our design so I cut the carrier sheet carefully so I could slide around the button. When it came time to heat I used the tip of my iron to slowly work around the button. It took some trial and error because it was hard to get even pressure and heat.

Since we used different colors I lightly stuck each color and then covered the whole design with my Teflon sheet and did a final press.

Our student loved her cap and we are pretty proud!


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