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Playing It Safe With Personalization

We tell our children not to talk to strangers, but what happens when the stranger knows their name?

Here at Ovation Crafts, we love personalization. We would throw names and monograms on everything if we could, but there are very real scenarios where our cute designs could lead to trouble.

When a potential predator approaches a child and uses their name, the child might feel a sense of safety. Children may believe the individual knows a parent or relative. To avoid potential danger, follow these tips:

  • Allow your child to wear their special item when a parent or guardian can be nearby.

  • Have them wear their attire to birthday parties or events where they are surrounded by people they know.

  • Let them wear it proudly at home and at family gatherings.

  • Instead of a name, let them pick a shape, animal, word, etc. that represents them!

Some parents label children’s clothes in order to tell which items belong to which child. In this case, rather than putting a name, use a color or shape to differentiate between children. We love the idea of assigning colors in a multi-child household. Try taking some scraps of Ovation Crafts HTV and ironing them onto the inside of a jack, sweatshirt, or other garments to identify.

We hope this helps and happy crafting!


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