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  • Where can I buy?
    We've made it super easy! Just click Shop in the menu bar and you'll see our products available on Amazon.
  • Where do I recycle my scraps?
    Take those leftovers and put them to use! Small castoffs can be cut into any shape you'd like. Simply take the FREE teflon piece and place it over top, iron on as you would normally, and Voila! You've recycled your scraps!
  • I have a hole, what do I do?!"
    Sometimes things just don't work out how we'd like them to. The good news is taking a smaller piece and placing it where you need a "patch" then ironing as normal will bridge any gaps!
  • I washed my garment carefully, but my vinyl came up. Now what?"
    Hey, it happens! It's likely the bond wasn't so hot the first time around and that's ok! Our vinyl doesn't mind a nice warm up from time to time so get out the iron and fire 'er up! Use the Teflon sheet and go over the areas that need TLC, being sure to keep the iron moving.
  • I noticed your Amazon page talks about stretch but don't see it on the package. Can you clarify?
    We sure can! Ovation Crafts HTV Vinyls are what they call garment qualty, this means they stretch and move with you and aren't stiff like those other vinyls or iron ons.
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