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Split Letter Monogram

I love split letter monograms. You can make them elegant or modern. They make great accessories around the house, or fantastic wedding gifts!

*This tutorial is for Cricut Design Space, other designers and cutting machines may vary*

Splitting in Cricut Design Space is quite easy once you do it. Here are steps to create your own designs.

First, type your letter and choose your font. I use a rule of simple and fancy. Two fancies don’t make a right! When in doubt, keep it simple.

Next, you will create a rectangle across your letter where you want the split. Then select “Slice”.

Select the rectangle and delete. Delete the remaining layers.

Create skinny rectangles to act as lines that “split” your letter. Use the alignment function to keep everything even and in line.

Next, type your surname and select your font. I like to play with this and see what looks good together. Add flourishes, have fun with it!

Move it into the open space and, voila! You’ve got a split monogram.

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