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Mistakes are Proof We're Trying

Mistakes happen. Accidents happen. Working with HTV is no different from anything else. My cousins recently had a baby and they are a big hockey family so I made this onesie to celebrate their little one and their love for hockey.

While layer HTV is one way to go, I prefer to cut mine so it all fits together in a nice layer. Stay tuned for a how to on that!

While I was touching up one of the check boxes, I accidentally held my iron too long over the hockey sticks. What was once an adorable feature was now a shriveled mess. I knew I couldn't present them with a melted onesie so I got to work fixing it.

The first thing I did was cut a new pair of sticks. Once they were weeded I set them on top of the melted part and determined how much of the new HTV I would need. I cut the piece off and turned to the next task. Removing the melted part. Now, where the HTV was so quick to bubble, it was not so quick to release. A combination of heat (careful not to melt anything else) and careful picking finally got a release.

Next I put the new piece down and lined it up, ready for the magic to happen! A very careful iron, and viola! The stick was once again perfect, the seams melted together with no sign of my mistake!

This truly was the perfect gift for the new parents and they'll never know what I went through to make it for them. ;)

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