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When the Wash Isn't Kind

I made this adorable dress for my daughter. I saw the design and couldn't help but fall in love. While layering HTV is fine, I prefer to cut out my design so that each piece fits together in one neat layer. Stay tuned for a how to on that!

The dress was perfection and we got so many compliments, until I washed it. Ovation Crafts recommends washing inside out in cold water on delicate and laying flat to dry. As a toddler mom, I don't have time to be laying clothes to dry so I toss them on a delicate low heat setting and pray everything ends all right. It usually does but the dress was a different story. There must have been a small part of the sparkle bow that was not stuck down. And as the garment was washed, soap worked its way in separating the HTV from the dress.

Toddler dress with Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) girl fox

Typically, taking the iron to the HTV will reattach it. Unfortunately for me, no amount of heat was re-sticking the vinyl.

The first thing I did was cut a new bow. Then I pulled off the existing HTV. This is where the cut-out works great. The bow wasn't stuck to another layer so off it popped! I placed the new bow and used the tip of my iron to heat and adhere.


Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) girl fox with bow

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