First Birthday Outfit

Baby's first birthday is a day to remember and when you have a baby girl, the more sparkle the better! I wanted an outfit that was fun and colorful but wouldn't break the bank so DIY was the way to go.

I purchased rolls of tulle in the color I wanted and a stretchy, crochet headband in a similar color. (This technique is truly genius and helps keep the tutu evenly spaced!) I used one of the baby's board books to wrap the tulle to make even sized strips, then looped the strips through the holes of the headband. I could have done one row but it wasn't quite full enough so I did a second row which gave me just the right amount of poof!

Ta Da!

Pink birthday tutu perfection!

The next step was making the onesie. I had originally purchased another brand silver sparkle but it was super thin and flimsy. The Ovation Crafts HTV is stiff enough that I wasn't worried about tearing it and it felt like it would hold up in the wash.

I chose Northern Lights, a colorful silver sparkle. Next I got out the Cricut and created my design. Once I had my "One" cut and weeded I was ready to apply it to my pre-washed/pre-shrunk onesie. I ran the iron over the onesie to "pre-heat" the material. I then placed my "One" where I wanted it on the onesie, placed my Teflon sheet on top and ran the iron over the top applying pressure.

After 15-20 seconds, I lifted the Teflon sheet and let the HTV cool for two minutes. Once it was cool I checked that my vinyl had adhered. If I had found any loose spots I would have just gone back over with the Teflon and iron. Voila!

Our one year old looked great for her party and I had a great time crafting to make it happen. Of course there was cake all over her outfit and all I had to do was turn the onesie inside out, wash in cold water, and dry on delicate. The tutu I hand washed and hung to dry.

*Image courtesy of Rolling Fields Photography

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